For a couple weeks now, is running it’s test group C (TGC). In case you haven’t heard or did not stumble upon the previous post, storj is a blockchain based, end to end encrypted cloud storage service. It solves the encryption and trust problem since your data is end to end encrypted and distributed all over the network of participating nodes. Thus one does not have to trust a single entity anymore.

However when is comes to performance of running a storjshare-cli node you should go with decent hardware and network uplink. Especially your uplink should be stable and provide enough bandwidth for sharing data. A random vnstat -l -i interface covering a random hour of service looks like follows.

interface / traffic statistics

- rx | tx
- bytes                  4.60 GiB | 384.29 MiB
- max 43.60 Mbit/s | 8.36 Mbit/s
- average 10.70 Mbit/s | 872.77 kbit/s
- min 56 kbit/s | 28 kbit/s
- packets               3829188 | 2653583
- max 4103 p/s | 2927 p/s
- average 1061 p/s | 735 p/s
- min 48 p/s | 15 p/s
- time           60.12 minutes

Sometimes average can even be up to 20 MBit/s, so you should have a proper non capped flatmate plan to operate a node. Furthermore one should also have more than 10k SJCX in the account to properly participate in payouts (SJCX will are required as reputation points serves as licence key to be able to participate in TGC anyways).