JonDonym is an Internet network of mutually independent and
geographically distributed anonymization service providers, the “mix
operators”. The JonDonym anonymization service provides very powerful
protection of your Internet identity, as no single mix proxy operator is
able to identify or even trace the actions of individual users. The
software (client and server) of JonDonym – developed together with two
German Universities – is completely open source: its security may
thereby be analyzed by independent privacy experts.

Today, several of the JonDonym mix operator organizations have created
their own communication platform between them and the users:

Rolf Wendolsky, CEO of the JonDos company which acts as the main
developer of the free JonDonym code, is very proud to announce the new
operators’ blog: “This action proves that our concept of a distributed
and market-driven high-security service works. The JonDonym operators
are indeed independent businessmen, striving to provide not only the
best anonymization, but also the best support for users compared to
other anonymization services on the Internet.”

Moreover, also the JonDos company now published its own blog in order to
provide up-to-date information about JonDonym and privacy protection on
the Internet to its users and to interested visitors: