Version 00.11.001 of the open-source anonymization software JonDo focuses on a simpler usability. Furthermore, and besides other security relevant enhancements, the German Privacy Foundation e.V. has been included as independent certification authority.

The program help of JonDo has been completely rewritten: besides the manual, it now contains also a lot of background information about anonymity on the internet. The enhanced install routines considerably simplify the first steps with the program under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Moreover, the certificate management has been greatly enhanced: a new technology enables X.509 certification by several organizations in parallel. Thereby the identity of Mix operators may be checked by several independent organizations instead of only by one. Thereby, the German Privacy Foundation e.V. acts as independent certification authority besides the JonDos GmbH and the TU Dresden.

JonDo is an open-source tool for anonymizing internet access over cascades of so-called Mix-Servers. The Mixes are operated by mutually independent operators. JonDo users are thereby even protected from an observation of their internet steps by individual operators. The development of the software is done by the JonDos GmbH from the Regensburg business incubator “IT-Speicher” and by researchers from the TU Dresden and the University of Regensburg.

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